How to eat fruits to be the healthiest?

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In addition to choosing to eat fruits with less sugar. Eating wisely is another factor that will allow us to fully benefit from the fruits. And does not increase the risk of disease or other health problems. Followed by additional tips for eating fruits are as follows:

Some fruits, although low in sugar are large. Such as watermelon. Where the recommended amount of watermelon is 1 cup. Eating more than that can lead to excess sugar in your body.

Fresh fruit should be eaten more than processed fruit such as juice,  dried fruit, or preserved fruit. As processed fruit may contain added sugars and other substances. That can negatively affect your health.  UFABET And fresh fruit contains fiber that is beneficial to the body. Which processed fruit usually does not have.

Avoid eating fresh fruit together with condiments or various dipping sauces that are very popular in Thailand, such as chili, salt, sweet fish sauce, because it will not be able to properly control the amount of sugar that the body receives.

In patients with diabetes , besides choosing to eat that are low in sugar, then Should also choose to eat fruits that are high in fiber. Because fruits that are high in fiber are slow to digest. The blood sugar level does not increase rapidly after eating.