What is Sic Bo games?

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Sic Bo is a casino game that originated in China by a group of villagers. Who are professional construction workers. Which uses clay to create dice for playing with numbers engraved on each side. The way to bet is to predict what number will be drawn. By taking a piece of clay that was created. Throwing it on the ground and seeing what numbers come out. If the end is correct, then take the money back home. Regarding the rules used in betting, it varies from place to place. Both in terms of betting and betting rules are not the same. game by UFABET 

Subsequently, it has been developed until it becomes the dice that are used in casinos today. Including the rules of play that have been developed to be even more standard. Which the form use for betting has been developed to be more diverse. Auch as Teng bet, Tot bet, high-low bet, bet 11 Hi-Lo. Bet on three numbers making playing even more fun. Dice is not only use to play Sic Bo games. But can also be used in many other types of games such as monopoly games. Snake board games gourd, crab, fish game, etc.