Merson slams Southgate for not bringing Reece James into squad.

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has slammed Gareth Southgate’s decision not to call up Chelsea right-back Reece James into his World Cup squad.

         The Stamford Bridge international was not named in the 26-man squad for the Qatar clash. Although he insists he is at risk of injury. After the announcement of the list, Reece James was very disappointed and confirmed that he deserved to join the team.

         The former England international thinks Southgate should take the risk of bringing James into the squad as he would be of great benefit. and is no less important than Harry Kane UFABET

         “If it was Harry Kane he would have been called up to the squad – what’s the difference? We wouldn’t have won the World Cup without James in the team.” Merson wrote in his column for The Star.

         “He is an important person and if we take him along He will play in every game. He’s one of our best players, if it’s Kane they’ll say ‘right, we’re going to take him and use him after the group stage’.

         “Our defenders are not very good. So we have to call one of our best players. I don’t understand He is no less important than Ken.