Enrique sends a message to players missing out on FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

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Spain national football team coach Luis Enrique Martinez Leave a message for those players who missed the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

         The 2010 World Cup announced the 26-man squad that will be with the squad for the finals. There are players who are considered to have many names such as Thiago Alcantara, Sergio Ramos, including David de Gea who play well with the agency.

         Enrique sent a message to the players that he overlooked. “This message is a thank you. I know it’s frustrating.

         “They deserve to be here but only 26 can be in the team. If it’s a regular FIFA World Cup match We will combine physical demands with training. But it happened mid-season. We will not work at the physical level of the players UFABET

         “I’m not going to talk about players who are not on the list. I thank everyone who helped us get here. But now the important ones are 26 players who have been called into the team. We have a lot of young players. but also has experience It’s a good combination.

         “Having a World Cup in the middle of the season we don’t work physically. But it’s a matter of tactics. Anyone can play and it depends on their physical condition and what they give us.