Proper diet for patients with “pulmonary tuberculosis”

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Proper diet for patients with “pulmonary tuberculosis

Dr. Somsak Akkasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services,   revealed that tuberculosis is a major public health problem in Thailand. Both general tuberculosis Tuberculosis and AIDS Multidrug resistant tuberculosis In order to rehabilitate tuberculosis patients to be healthy , strengthening the body’s immunity is therefore important.

From the data it found. That patients with pulmonary tuberculosis will lose weight rapidly by 3-5 kg ​​within 2 weeks. The cause is cause by loss of appetite. Abnormal taste buds, phlegm, coughing, tiredness, including drinking too much water that makes you full Side effects from taking the drug causing malnutrition in patients The body lacks nutrients. As a result, the symptoms of the disease and drug allergies are more severe.

Patients should therefore choose to eat nutritious foods from all 5 food groups. The appropriate food for pulmonary tuberculosis patients is food. That is high in energy and high in protein. In addition, meals should be divided into 5 -6 small meals/day. Because the patient may not eat much or not eat all of them. And you should take the medicine strictly according to your doctor’s instructions. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Dr. Wiphan Sangkhaphong, Director of the Institute of Chest Diseases, Department of Medical Services, 

 said that eating food from all 5 food groups according to nutritional principles in order to receive complete nutrients is important. Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis should choose to eat food from the following groups:

Group 1: various meats, milk, eggs, tofu because the body needs protein. in restoring and strengthening immunity 

Group 2: Rice, flour, corn, taro, cassava, pumpkin and sugar should be selected as unrefined products. Such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, because it is high in B vitamins, helps reduce numbness of the tips of the hands and feet and increases appetite. 

Group 3, Group 4, vegetables and fruits. Should choose to eat a variety In order to receive various nutrients as well as strengthening immunity Prevent respiratory infections

Group 5 oils, fats from plants and animals. It is a high energy nutrient. create warmth for the body You should choose to consume oils that have good fatty acids, such as rice bran oil and soybean oil. corn oil 

For food for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. 

Should avoided and avoided: fried foods, fatty foods, coconut milk, oils that are high in saturated fatty acids such as animal oil, palm oil, coconut oil. Foods that are high in gas,  such as pickles, nuts, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages Food with a strong smell and ready-made food such as instant noodles If pulmonary tuberculosis patients can practice eating beneficial foods from these various recommendations. and take medicine as prescribed by the doctor regularly It will allow the body to recover from existing diseases. Resulting in good health as well.