How to reduce knee pain Effectively too exercise rubber bands

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How to reduce knee pain Effectively too exercise rubber bands

Knee pain can occur at any age. But the older I get The greater the risk of knee pain. Especially those who are overweight. Including people with bone and joint problems, they may face pain from knee pain more quickly. and more than others

However, when knee pain has already occurred Although it is possible to take medicine Or you can apply painkillers, but the doctor can prescribe it to reduce knee pain. But it is treatment at the end of the cause. If you want your knees to be strong You should exercise your knees more. And there’s a simple way. That will help make your knees stronger with ” exercise bands ” Report from ufabet

What are exercise bands?

exercise rubber bands It is an exercise equipment that can be stretched and contracted like an elastic band. It is either similar to a rope with a handle on the head and end of the rope, or it may be a loop of elastic. This equipment is intended for people who want to do weight training exercises. To build muscle for various organs of the body part by part Creating resistance is like lifting dumbbells, weights, and pendulums.

The way to use it is to place an elastic band on any part of your body. Then use your strength to stretch and contract rhythmically.

3 ways to reduce knee pain Effectively too exercise rubber bands

  1. Take loop exercise bands and loop them around both knees. Lie on your right side, knees close together, slowly lift your left knee up. with the foot still attached to the right foot as before Lift just your left knee. Raise it up and down slowly, 10-20 times, 2 sets.
  2. Take a loop-style exercise band and loop it around the middle of both feet. (Keep the band centered between your legs.) Then lower down. Bend your hips back. Raise both arms Bend your arms slightly until they are perpendicular. Set at head level and slowly extend your legs to the left. Slowly return to right side, 10-20 reps, 2 sets.
  3. Take a loop-shaped exercise band and wrap it around both knees, keeping them close together. Then lie on your back with your back pressed to the floor. Place your arms and palms on the ground at your sides. Lift your hips (or butt) in a vertical line. Hold for 2 seconds. Slowly lower your hips, then slowly spread your knees apart one more time, then start over again for one more rep. Do 2 sets of 10-20 reps total.

Elastic bands help add resistance to your knees when doing these exercises. But if anyone doesn’t have elastic bands to exercise You can do these exercises without using elastic bands as well. The key is to do these knee exercises regularly every day. Guarantee that your knees will be stronger and you will forget that you ever had knee pain.