5 things should know before starting “eat clean”

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5 things you should know before starting to “eat clean” and eating incorrectly. Risk your body from being damaged without realizing it.

The trend of taking care of your own health is coming on strong. In addition to exercising, there is also a matter of “clean eating” that young women are paying special attention to as well. If you see someone eating salad Or clean food in a beautiful box, people around them began to see that this person took good care of his health.

But first! Don’t just think that everyone eats clean the right way. Because we believe that there must be a part of us that still doesn’t understand the correct way to eat cleanly. Not just eating bland food, emphasizing vegetables, emphasizing good health, it will always call clean eating. What are some things to watch out for at https://ufabet999.com

5 things you should know before starting to “eat clean”

1. Don’t eat the same menu over and over again.

Some people choose to cook for themselves. which is good and very commendable. But many people buy half a kilo of chicken breast. And make just one menu, for example, make all the boiled chicken. Every day you eat only boiled chicken, boiled chicken, and boiled chicken. Even though your mouth will tell you that you won’t get bored. But your body might get bored. Because they receive the same nutrients every day, changing the menu frequently put the components keep changing In addition to getting clean food, good taste, not boring. It also helps the body receive a wider variety of nutrients.

2. Eat food from all 5 food groups. Do not eat only fruits and vegetables.

Some people are really heavy. Do they eat clean? No, I go homeopathic or vegetarian. It’s not wrong. But when he arrived, he ate only vegetables. just two fruits The body will not receive enough nutrients. Because many people forget that the energy that the body needs to use each day. Most of them come from carbohydrates and protein. If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables that provide enough energy, you may easily faint or become malnourished.

Plus there is no more protein that needs to come in to help repair the body’s wear and tear. (Because many people forget to eat tofu, beans, and other plants that provide protein.) The best way Therefore, it is a matter of eating all 5 groups. But choose to eat foods that provide little energy. If you are a person whose body uses little energy each day, such as sitting at a desk all day, and have little time to exercise, etc.

3. Don’t think that only olive oil is what we need.

Olive oil is the oil that people who like to eat clean eat most often use for cooking. Although it is more expensive than other oils But with nutritional value and fats that are good for the body People pour their hearts into choosing olive oil for cooking instead. But don’t think that olive oil is always useful. Because olive oil is only good for health when eaten raw, poured into salads, various meats, or stir-fried quickly without causing a stir.

But if you start making menus that use heat for a long time Like stir-frying or deep-frying, olive oil won’t work right away. Because olive oil can’t stand the heat for a long time, apart from good nutrients. It’s all gone. May also cause carcinogens. (Especially Extra Virgin and Virgin olive oil that Thai people often buy and eat)

4. Eating clean doesn’t mean you won’t get fat.

Some people think that clean food is good for health, look at it, less starch, less sugar, less sodium, what will make you fat, so just beat it. But it doesn’t mean that you eat a lot and you won’t get fat. However, every dish you eat is energy. Therefore, you should eat it in moderation. Whether you’re eating clean or not.

5. Forget hidden sugars

Sometimes we avoid drinks. Soda almost died In the end, he fell off his dead horse at the fruit juice. that we think is good and useful Natural sweetness won’t hurt. This idea is completely wrong. Otherwise, how will people who eat durian become fat? Fruits that have a very sweet taste This is the source of sugar that we must avoid. Including various ready-made fruit juices bottled Turn the bottle over and look at the label and you’ll find that the sugar content is so high that you startled. Therefore, eat fresh fruit. and choose to eat bland fruits It is most suitable for our clean eating.